Last Revised: November 01, 2021


Equipment Corridors are spaces immediately adjacent to the laboratory that are used for employee circulation from the laboratory zone to the office zone of the building and are wide enough to permit equipment storage on one or both sides. The following is provided to identify permitted uses of Equipment Corridors in University of Pennsylvania science buildings. 

No use of an equipment corridor shall reduce the aisle width to less than 44 inches.

Chemical Storage Permitted

  • Dry chemical storage in casework with doors. 

  • Flammable liquid storage cabinets. 

  • Corrosive cabinets. 

  • All cabinets located in corridors must be clearly labeled regarding contents and ownership. See chemical storage sign form.

  • Full size (H) cylinders of inert compressed gases if properly secured. 

  • Carboys containing liquid nitrogen or helium. 

  • Dry ice storage is permitted (outside of a cold room).

Chemical Storage Not Permitted 

  • Lecture bottles.

  • Liquid oxygen cylinders or carboys.

  • Toxic, flammable or corrosive gases.

  • Chemical storage on open shelves.

Chemical Transport and Dispensing Permitted 

  • Transport of closed containers of lab reagents as described in Penn’s Chemical Hygiene Plan.

  • Transport of containers on dry ice.

  • Dispensing of non hazardous gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, and argon.

  • Dispensing of liquid nitrogen.

Chemical Transport and Dispensing Not Permitted 

  • Open containers of flammable, toxic or corrosive chemicals.

  • Open containers of solutions that contain thiols.

  • Dispensing of toxic, flammable or corrosive gases


Permitted Not Permitted
Freezers(electric and liquid nitrogen) Peptide synthesizers
Refrigerators Any laser or laser containing system
Centrifuges Sonnicators
Gas chromatographs
(see gas restrictions ab
Glove box
(aqueous solvents only, no acetonitrile)
Transilluminators FPLC (using flammable solvents)
Incubators HPLC (using flammable solvents)

(aqueous solvents only, no acetonitrile)

Lypholizers or Speed Vacs




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