Last Revised: July 14, 2020

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Standard operating procedures (SOP) are intended to provide you with general guidance on how to safely work with a specific class of chemical or hazard. If you have any questions concerning the applicability of a procedure, contact the Office of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (215-898-4453) or the Principal Investigator of your laboratory.

These SOPs are generic in nature. They address the use and handling of substances by hazard class only. In some instances multiple SOPs may be applicable for a specific chemical (i.e., both the SOPs for flammable liquids and carcinogens would apply to benzene).

The Principal Investigator must develop a written procedure that will be used in place of an SOP for any task where compliance with the requirements of the SOP are not possible. This alternate procedure must provide the same level of protection as the SOP it replaces.  A task-specific Hazard Control Plan (HCP) must also be written for any task that requires safety controls beyond those specified in the SOP. 

The Office of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety is available to provide guidance during the development of Hazard Control Plans and alternate procedures.

Any researchers who follow an SOP for hazardous lab work must be up to date with all required EHRS laboratory safety training programs for their research type before starting the work.