All online Radiation Safety training programs are available through the link below.
(you do NOT need a user name or password)

***Radiation Safety has updated its training webpage. Please see these instructions if you have any issues navigating. 


*Please allow 2 days for your training completion to be updated in Knowledge Link.  

To check the status of your training please log in to your lab/department RadSaf account (the same account that you use to order radioactive material or request a waste pickup).

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I work in a laboratory where RAM is used and/or stored, but I will not be handling any radioactive material. Do I need to complete radiation safety training?

  • No.  Only those working with radiation are required to complete Radiation Safety training.

We have a new worker in our laboratory. What needs to be done before he/she can begin working with radioactive materials?

  • Before a new worker can begin working with radioactive materials, he or she must complete Radiation Safety Initial Training for new workers, and receive specific handling instructions from the Licensee or other trained radiation worker.
  • For more information on registering and training new radiation workers, please refer to the Radiation Safety User's Guide.

I did the on-line training but my records still have not been updated in Knowledge Link.  What should I do?

  • Radiation Safety training is NOT available through Knowledge Link. You can only view your training history and track compliance through Knowledge Link. Please note that there is a time delay between attending training and viewing your updated history in Knowledge Link. Radiation Safety training data is uploaded to Knowledge link every morning.  Please allow 2 days for your information to be available there.  If the problem continues, please contact use at 215-898-7187 

What is ALARA training?

  • ALARA training ANNUAL training held by the Licensee.   This training is in addition to annual EHRS training. Each licensee must hold an in-lab training session to review their experimental protocols, work habits, and available safety equipment.  Documentation of an ALARA training session is required. The topics covered, the date, and the names of attendees must be recorded and available in the lab's records. Standard forms for documenting ALARA training can be downloaded from our website.

The PI of our laboratory is never in the lab. Is he or she required to complete EHRS training?

  • Yes. The Licensee is responsible for being up to date on Radiation Safety requirements.  Each Licensee is responsible for the health and safety of persons using RAM under his/her license, assuring that workers are properly trained, and assuring that work is done in accordance with relevant policies and procedures.