Last Revised: April 14, 2022


The University of Pennsylvania is committed to performing innovative research of the highest quality. In certain circumstances, this research may involve the use of a controlled substance. As a matter of policy, the University requires compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations and guidelines regarding the use of a controlled substance(s) by the Investigator/Researcher and those involved in performing the research. For more information on this policy click here.



General Information:

The purchase, use, storage and disposal of controlled substances is regulated by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  Detailed information relating to controlled substances can be found online at

List of controlled substances:

If you are unsure whether or not the substance(s) you have is regulated as a controlled substance, refer to the online lists at the DEA website. There are five schedule lists of controlled substances which can be viewed either by schedule or alphabetically.

Disposal procedures:

DEA regulations now require expired or unwanted controlled substances to be sent through a Reverse Distributor for disposal.  The HUP Pharmacy is no longer permitted to accept these materials.  Destroying drugs onsite or dumping them down the drain is expressly prohibited by the DEA. 

EHRS and the Office of Animal Welfare (OAW) host periodic CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES DISPOSAL EVENTS.   The next event will take place on Monday May 16, 2022.  A licensed reverse distributor will be onsite to accept your unwanted materials.  This event is free of charge but you must register by submitting an electronic drug transfer form one week prior to the event.    

If you require additional information please contact Jim Crumley, EHRS Environmental Program Manager at 215-746-5036.

The DEA's Philadelphia Field Division contact information is listed below. 

DEA Contact Information:

Philadelphia Field Division 
William J. Green Federal Building 
600 Arch Street, Room 10224 
Philadelphia, PA 19106 
(215) 238-5160 - Phone 
(215) 238-5170 - Fax

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