Last Revised: January 18, 2022

Each laboratory has a room sign that provides safety information to visitors and housekeeping personnel (see figure on reverse side). The principal investigator is responsible for assuring that appropriate warning information is included on this sign.

For PSOM laboratories, room signs forms must be completed here.

The sign is composed of 4 sections: 

Room Sign Sections


Section 1
Section 2
Last Name First Name Operations
Section 3
Provide warning information to visitors and housekeeping personnel. Special labels are available that are placed into the boxes of this section. The labels contain icons alerting the reader that special conditions exist inside the laboratory.
Check all that apply
You are requesting a CAUTION-LASER sign.  What is the laser class?
You are requesting a CAUTION-RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL sign.  What is the name of the licensee?  
Section 4
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