Last Revised: February 09, 2024

Regulatory agencies that monitor environmental, health and radiation safety issues may make unannounced inspections of University of Pennsylvania facilities from time to time.  Regulatory agencies generally have authority to enter public or private property connected with an activity governed by a permit or regulation. These regulatory agencies include the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Philadelphia agencies including, the Fire Department, Air Management Services and Licenses & Inspections (L&I). Inspections may be conducted for a number of reasons, including: response to employee or community complaints, response to noncompliance activities, investigation of conditions related to pollutant discharge, records review, errors or violations in compliance reports, fact-finding in support of a permit application filed by a facility, periodic visits as mandated by Agency inspection procedures, etc.

Increasingly, regulators conduct "multimedia" inspections. Multimedia environmental compliance inspections are conducted by a team of specialists who simultaneously review all air, water and waste compliance related issues. Inspections typically include a facility walk-through focused upon the work areas, records review, personnel interviews, measurements, tests, or sampling activities.

Because the nature and purpose of Agency inspections is highly variable, there is no single procedure or protocol for regulatory agency interaction during visits.  Contact the Office of Environmental Health & Radation Safety 215-898-4453 whenever a representative from one of these regulatory agencies contacts you by mail, electronically or appears at your workplace.


Office of Environmental Health & Radiation Safety    215-898-4454

Office of General Counsel  215-746-5200