Last Revised: February 12, 2024


Robotics LabTechnologies that in the past were primarily associated with high-tech and manufacturing industries, are rapidly being incorporated into higher education programs. Robots, 3D printers, laser cutters/etchers, water jet cutting machines and benchtop computer numerical control (CNC) machines are rapidly appearing on campus outside of the traditional shop setting.

EHRS has created the following programs to assist in highlighting the considerations that should be considered for the design and safe operation of makerspaces, robotics laboratories and academic/research support shops.

Design Guidelines for Makerspaces, Robotics Laboratories & Acadmic/Research Shops is presented to assist end users and design professionals to better understand the unique health and safety related requirements of these facilities and to provide information that can be proactively incorporated into the design for renovations or new facilities. 

Operation Guidelines for Makerspaces, Robotics Laboratories & Academic/Research Shops is presented to provide guidance for the safe operations of these facilities.

3D Printing Fact Sheet & Guide presents concise health and safety information about 3D printing tasks and facilities.

Machinery, Robotics and Power Tool Safety Program is presented to inform the Penn community of the specific hazards associated with machines, robots, power tools, and other dangerous moving parts. This program provides prescriptive task and machinery-specific guidance to aid in mitigating potential hazards.