All shipments of dangerous goods/hazardous materials must be processed using eship@Penn®. The only exceptions to this requirement are dangerous goods/hazardous materials shipments for which a non-Penn entity(ies) provides and pays for shipping papers.

eShip will guide you through the chemical shipment process but you must select "chemical shipment" when going through the eShip workflow. 

Step 1:  Check "yes" for the first question about whether you are shipping Biological Materials, Chemicals, RAM, or Dry Ice

Step 2:  Check "Chemicals" box

Step 3:  Complete the "Material Name," "Total Quantity in Package," and "Net Value" fields.  EHRS staff will complete the remaining fields on this page as needed.

Step 4:  Enter the destination address, package size and weight, and select a carrier and a shipping service level.

Once this final screen is completed, click the "Ship" button and at this point your shipment information will be forwarded to EHRS staff for review.  EHRS review/approval is also required for non-hazardous chemicals. 

When sending out newly created materials, a safety data sheet (SDS) must be completed.  EHRS must have a copy of this SDS to approve your shipment and a copy must also be included with the package.  The SDS may be needed if the package is damaged or leaks in transit and will help get your package through customs for international shipments.  A blank SDS template can be found on the EHRS website.  Non-hazardous chemical shipments will be approved by EHRS but all hazardous chemical shipments must be sent out by trained EHRS staff.  Contact Jim Crumley, 215-746-5036, for assistance with all hazardous chemical shipments.