Last Revised: February 01, 2023

Office Contact Information

Environmental Health & Radiation Safety
3160 Chestnut Street
Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6287

p. 215.898.4453
f.  215.898.0140

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EHRS Staff List

Administration & Finance





Maureen O'Leary, PhD, MBA, CBSP Associate Vice Provost for Research 215–898-6057 Email Maureen
Natasha Dukes Business Administrator 215-898-5263 Email Natasha
Sherri Darby Administrative Coordinator 215–898–7187 Email Sherri
Deneen Purdie Administrative Coordinator 215–898–7188 Email Deneen
Marta Guron Project Manager 215-898-2108 Email Marta
EHRS Main Line   215-898-4453 Email EHRS
Biosafety - Life Science Safety Program
Name Title Telephone Email
Dr. Andrew B. Maksymowych, RBP(ABSA) Institutional Biosafety Officer
Associate Director
215–898–6236 Email Andrew

Biosafety Program

Name Title Telephone Email
Dr. Sarah Capasso, RBP(ABSA) Assistant Biosafety Officer 215–746–6641 Email Sarah
Marie-Luise Faber Assistant Biosafety Officer 215–746–6706 Email Marie-Luise
Dr. Elizabeth Littauer Bassett Assistant Biosafety Officer 215–573–4750 Email Elizabeth
Dr. Tucker Piergallini Assistant Biosafety Officer 267-372-7051 Email Tucker
TBD Assistant Biosafety Officer    
Environmental Health & Safety
Name Title Telephone Email
Dr. Maureen Malachowski, CIH Director, Environmental Health & Safety 215–573–9446 Email Maureen

Environmental Programs

Name Title Telephone Email
Kyle Rosato Associate Director, Environmental Programs 215–898–0766 Email Kyle
Jim Crumley Compliance Manager 215–746–5036 Email Jim
Kevin O'Neil  Operations Manager 215–651–0558 Email Kevin 
TBD Health & Safety Technician    
Rhys Hora Health & Safety Technician 2674494856 Email Rhys
Alexa Blackman Health & Safety Technician 484-848-7961 Email Alexa

Industrial Hygiene and Lab Safety

Name Title Telephone Email
Karen Kelley, CIH, CHO Associate Director, Industrial Hygiene and Lab Safety, Chemical Hygiene Officer 267-667-2496 Email Karen
Valerie Perez, CIH, CLSO Sr. Industrial Hygienist 215–746–6652 Email Valerie
Amanda Bewley, CIH Industrial Hygienist 267-247-8654 Email Amanda
Catherine Hegarty, CSP, COHC Industrial Hygienist B 267-838-3830 Email Catherine
Gwenn Allen Sr. Laboratory Safety Specialist 215-573-2355 Email Gwenn
Kyle Tice Laboratory Safety Specialist 215-316-8890 Email Kyle
TBD Laboratory Safety Specialist    

Occupational Safety Program

Name Title Telephone Email
James Sillhart, CSP Associate Director 215–746–6653 Email Jim
Christine Zalewski, CSP Occupational Safety Manager (FRES) 267-372-0463 Email Christine
Samantha Goodin Occupational Safety Manager 215-746-2641 Email Samantha
Marc Heim Health & Safety Technician 215-898-0382 Email Marc
Zachariah Geweke Health & Safety Technician 215-898-2491 Email Zachariah
Radiation Safety
Name Title Telephone Email
Eileen Normoyle Director & Radiation Safety Officer 215–898–2134 Email Eileen
Dr. Keith Brown Associate Director, Radiation Safety 215–898–2106 Email Keith
Marc Felice Associate Director, Diagnostic Medical Physics 215–898–2112 Email Marc

 Medical Health Physicists

Name Title Telephone Email
Tara Bachman Sr. Medical Physicist X-Ray Program 267-576-3031 Email Tara
Dr. Natalie Beckmann Medical Physicist X-Ray Program 215–898–8906 Email Natalie
Kelsey Everett Medical Health Physicist 215–651–0549 Email Kelsey
Megan Harkins Medical Health Physicist 215–341–1447 Email Megan
Patrick Hann Medical Health Physicist 267-515-2866 Email Pat
Janelle Jesikiewicz Medical Health Physicist 267–240–5211 Email Janelle
Dr. Alan Mahoney Medical Health Physicist 215–898–9715 Email Alan
Kavya Prasad Medical Health Physicist 445-230-8821 Email Kavya
Candi McDowell Sr. Medical Health Physicist  215–746–7045 Email Candi
Christopher Tighe Sr. Medical Health Physicist 215–898–8987 Email Chris
Andrew Zimnoch Sr. Medical Health Physicist 215–898–2105 Email Andrew
Jennifer Edmondson Health Physics Coordinator 215–898–2107 Email Jennifer

Assistant Health Physicist

Name Title Telephone Email
Robert Hockel Assistant Health Physicist 215–268–2083 Email Robert
TBD Assistant Health Physicist    

Health Physics Techs

Name Title Telephone Email
TBD Health Physics Technician    
Richard Gusick Health Physics Technician 267-586-6838 Email Richard
James Hambor Health Physics Technician 2675927968 Email James
Bob Newman Health Physics Technician 267-283-7635 Email Bob
Jim Mowery Health Physics Technician 215–651–0536 Email Jim
Jarrett Sidisky Health Physics Technician 267-441-2417 Email Jarrett
Michael Sowash Health Physics Technician 215-520-0980 Email Michael
Tim Thomas Health Physics Technician 215–651–0548 Email Tim
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