IATA Regulations are published every year.  A list of significant changes to the IATA Regulations can be found at www.iata.org.  Below are highlight changes relevant to the Penn Shipping Community.

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2018 Changes to the IATA Regulations

No significant changes were made effecting the Penn community.

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2017 Changes to the IATA Regulations

Marking & Labeling

Starting January 1, 2017, both international regulatory agencies and IATA in the United States are changing rules for hazard class labels. The new rule establishes a new minimum dimensional requirement for label borders, codifies the exception regarding reduction of label sizes to accommodate small packages to a standard conforming to the UN Model Regulations, and offers a color alternative (white) for the symbol on Class 5.1 Oxidizer labels.

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DOT hazard label update 2017


2015 Changes to the IATA Regulations

Marking & Labeling

The dimensions for labels and marks have been clearly specified; most of them must have a square shape, with a 100 mm side. For hazard labels, the line inside the edge forming the diamond must be at least 2 mm wide. However, keep in mind that labels conforming to the specifications of the 55th Edition of the DGR will still be acceptable until December 31st 2016.

As of January 1st 2016, a new requirement will be added to OVERPACK and SALVAGE markings, which will need to be 12 mm high.

                                           Important Change to DOT shipping regulations

                                           Per DOT regulations - Effective October 1, 2014

                                        Class 9 hazard labels with the horizontal line will no longer be accepted

New Class 9 label 2015


2011 Changes to the IATA Regulations

Very important: There are several major changes in the shipping regulations that will impact those shipping Category A Infectious Substances, Genetically Modified Micro-organisms, and Genetically Modified Organisms (example: vectors)

These changes are effective immediately.

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