Last Revised: November 03, 2023

IATA Regulations are published every year.  A list of significant changes to the IATA Regulations can be found at  Below are highlight changes relevant to the Penn Shipping Community.

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2024 Changes to the IATA Regulations

Marking & Labeling

- Several State and Operator Variations have been added to the 2024 IATA.

- DRY ICE in overpacks: PI 954—Has been revised to clarify that where packages containing dry ice are placed into an overpack that
the total net quantity of dry ice in the overpack must be marked on the outside of the overpack.

- monkey pox virus has been added to the list of Category A pathogens, when in culture form only.

- The exception for COVID-19 vaccines now applies to all pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, that are packed in a form ready
to be administered, including those in clinical trials.

- Updates to shipments including Lithium and Sodium Ion battery

Click here for details: 2024 IATA changes


2023 Changes to the IATA Regulations


2.6—Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantities—Paragraph has been revised to clarify that a package containing dangerous goods in excepted quantities may also contain goods not subject to the Regulations.


Click here for details: 2023 IATA changes

2020 Changes to the IATA Regulations

Limitations: A new paragraph has been added mandating that the excepted quantity mark must be applied on one face of the package


Packaging: subparagraphs c and h of were revised pertaining to Infectious Substance, Category A shipments.


Click here for details: 2020 IATA changes

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