All laboratories with hazardous chemicals are required to participate in the chemical inventory program.

EHRS provides access to a web-based chemical inventory software, CISPro Live®.  We also provide hands-on training for new users, chemical-container barcode labels, and ongoing technical support at no cost to the lab.  If your lab does not already have a CISPro Live account, use the link below to register for one.

How register for a CISPro Chemical Inventory Account 

Lab groups must complete a Chemical Inventory Account Request Form to access to the inventory system.  User IDs and passwords are managed by EHRS.  EHRS will contact the person identified on the Chemical Inventory Account Request Form to set-up account.  


EHRS will provide in-lab assistance to new users.  A member of the Chemical Inventory Team will contact you after we receive your Account Request Form.  During the training, new users will learn and practice all essential inventory tasks, and will receive their log-in credentials and a detailed user manual for future reference.

Equipment Requirements

CISPro Live is accessible from any modern Penn-supported browser (IE, Firefox, Safari).  Pre-printed barcoded labels for chemical containers are provided by EHRS.  We recommend that lab groups purchase at least one USB keyboard-wedge barcode scanner; however, barcode numbers can be manually typed into the system if you do not have a scanner. 

You will be given the opportunity to purchase a barcode scanner directly from EHRS when we contact you to schedule your training. 

Account Limitations

Due to the limited number of simultaneous log-ins allowed by Penn's CISPro contract, you may occasionally experience difficulty logging-in during times of high usage.  Email if you are unable to access CISPro Live for any reason, including password problems or "too many users logged in".

To help minimize this problem, the system will automatically log-out after a period of 10 minutes of inactivity.  

Frequently Asked Questions

See our FAQ below for answers to common questions from new users about the chemical inventory program.  See this page to view an FAQ for current CISPro users.