Last Revised: March 11, 2020

Use this form to request changes to your lab's assigned locations in BioRAFT.  Changes pertaining to storage locations for chemical inventory will be processed within 3 business days.  Other changes require verification and may take several weeks to confirm and edit.  

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Remove/Add Spaces

Remove Spaces

Enter spaces to be removed

Enter the spaces that you would like us to remove from your profile.  If there are ChemTracker records associated with any of the spaces, please indicate to which location we should transfer the records. 

If the chemical containers are being dispersed to multiple locations or you need help updating the sublocation assignments in the new location, please type "multiple" into the "Move ChemTracker records" field.  The chemical inventory team will contact you to assist with the transfer of your chemical records.
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Add Spaces

Enter spaces to be added

Please try to include all spaces including cold rooms, tissue culture rooms, bench numbers and sub-rooms (e.g. 123A, 123B, etc.).  Contact your building administrator if you have questions about your room assignments or their official designations.

You'll also need to add a room sign to your new space. For PSOM laboratories, room sign forms must be completed here. For Non-PSOM spaces, complete your room sign here.

Spaces to Add Are chemicals stored in this location? Operations
Are chemicals stored in this location?
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