Last Revised: March 29, 2023

The use of biological materials in laboratories must be registered with EHRS by completion of the Biological Registration in BioRAFT

The purpose of the Biological Registration is to establish a comprehensive database pertaining to biological research at Penn. The information collected will be used to conduct risk assessments for work with biological agents and to assist EHRS and Penn faculty with their compliance efforts.

  • The Biological Registration in your lab profile must be updated annually or as changes occur.

  • Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that the submission is complete and accurately represents current research efforts.

  • The task of completing the Biological Registration can be delegated to an informed and capable lab member who is given permission in BioRAFT to complete the registration.

  • Principal Investigators must review and certify the Biological Registration prior to submission to EHRS for review

To see a pdf of the PI-approval process with screen shots click on this link.