Institutional Biosafety Committee Members

Name Affiliation Title/Dept.

Dr. Steven Albelda
Expert Oncology

UPenn, Perelman School of Medicine William Maul Measey Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care Division

Dr. Jennifer N. Davis
Expert Animal Welfare & Compliance

UPenn, Office of Animal Welfare

Associate Director for Compliance

Dr. Sherrill Davison
Expert Avian Medicine & Pathology

UPenn, School of Veterinary Medicine

Associate Professor, Avian Medicine and Pathology

Dr. Julie C. Johnston
Expert Gene Therapy

UPenn, Perelman School of Medicine

Director, Gene Therapy Program

Dr. Daniel S. Kessler

UPenn, Perelman School of Medicine

Associate Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology

Dr. Andrew B. Maksymowych
Institutional Biosafety Officer,
IBC Contact

UPenn, Provost Center

Institutional Biosafety Officer, Associate Director Biological Safety Programs,
IBC Administrator

Dr. Maureen O'Leary
Expert Environmental Health & Biosafety

UPenn, Provost Center

Executive Director, Office of Environmental Health & Radiation Safety

Dr. David Pegues
Expert Infection Control

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Medical Director, Healthcare Epidemiology, Infection Prevention and Control

Dr. James L. Riley
Expert Cell & Molecular Immunology

UPenn, Perelman School of Medicine

Associate Professor, Microbiology, AFCRI

Dr. Abigail Smith
Expert Research Animal Care

UPenn, Provost Center

Associate Director, Diagnostic Service and Rodent Quality Assurance, ULAR

Dr. Nelson Wivel
Expert Human Gene Transfer, rDNA & Animal Research

Community Member