Last Revised: December 12, 2019

These emergency response procedures have been developed by EHRS and the University of Pennsylvania Student Health Services.  These procedures must be posted in each room of the teaching laboratory.

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Inform the Teaching Assistant or Instructor immediately of any injury or exposure.

In the case of chemical contact, cut, or puncture: 

  • Flush the affected area for 15 minutes with soap and water. 


If splashed in eyes:

  • Use emergency eyewash.  Hold both eyes open and flush for 15 minutes.


Teaching Assistants

Inform the Instructor as soon as possible of any injury or exposure. 

Contact EHRS as soon as the immediate medical needs of the injured or exposed person have been addressed.

For minor chemical exposures to the skin: 

  • Flush the affected area for 15 minutes with soap and water.  While the student irrigates, contact Student Health Services (215-746-3535) to determine follow-up.


Minor Physical Injury (For example:  minor thermal burn to hand): 

  • Students must report to Student Health.  Provide an escort as needed.  Contact Student Health Services (215-746-3535) to request non-emergency transportation or to inform them that an injured student has been sent to their office.


Significant chemical exposure or physical injury: 

  • Dial 511 (from a Penn campus phone) or 215-573-3333 (from a cell phone) for medical response and ambulance transportation to the hospital emergency department.


Eye exposures: 

  • While student flushes at the eyewash, contact Student Health Services (215-746-3535) to determine treatment location. 
    • If medical transport to the hospital emergency department or Scheie Eye Institute is requred, dial 511.
    • Provide the injured student with an escort to Student Health Services or request the non-emergency transportation van provided by Student Health.


General Campus Emergency Procedures and Contact Information are Available Online at:  Emergency Information

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