The full PDF version can be accessed here; individual sections of the manual are referenced below. 

Section Topic Link to Resource Date Last Updated

BioRAFT ChemTracker Module Introduction

Introduction, contact information for the chemical inventory team, and EHRS customer service links.

PDF 3/2021

What Must Be Tracked in the Inventory?

Hazardous chemicals, tracking hazardous gases, and exempt chemicals.

PDF 3/2021

Viewing and Editing Your Chemical Inventory

Viewing all containers, searching for chemicals outside of your lab, and viewing total inventories. 

PDF 3/2021

Adding New Inventory

Chemical look-up, chemicals not found in database, specifying amount, container status, unique container ID (barcode number), and adding additional details.

PDF 3/2021

Disposing of Chemical Inventory

Disposing of a single container, disposing of multiple containers (and bulk edit), and reactivating deleted records.

PDF 3/2021

Managing High-Turnover Containers

Not available in all buildings.

PDF 3/2021

Lab Moves/Reconciling Your Inventory

Lab moves and reconciling your inventory.

PDF 3/2021
Reference Chart: Common Gas Cylinder Volumes/Weight PDF 3/2021