Last Revised: May 11, 2018

The Principal Investigator or the Lab Safety Coordinator may complete the General Biological Usage Survey.  To see a pdf of this process with screen shots click on this link .

If the Lab Safety Coordinator completes the Survey, the Principal Investigator will receive an email containing the following text:


Please review and submit your Biological Registration to EHRS.

All information regarding your biological research has already been entered into the BioRAFT system.
It is now ready for your review and approval.


What you need to do:
1. Follow the link below to your lab's online Biological summary
2. Review your lab's Biological Summary
3. Certify & Submit it to EHRS for review.

Follow this link to begin:

After you complete, an EHRS Biosafety Officer will review your Registration and contact you with any questions or concerns


Follow the link in the email to the Biological Registration page, review the biological material selected and, if accurate, click submit located at the bottom of the page.  If incorrect, edit the biological material selected before clicking submit. This will submit the Biological Registration to EHRS for review.