Last Revised: May 02, 2018

For the purpose of this policy, non-affiliates are people who are not University of Pennsylvania faculty, staff, graduate or professional students or post-doctoral/clinical trainees.  Non-affiliates include all elementary, high school and undergraduate students. The Principal Investigator/Supervisor of the entity is responsible for assuring that all non-affiliates in his/her facility are appropriately supervised and comply with the requirements of this policy.  Please note that this policy addresses only people visiting labs.  For students and other non-affiliates actively participating in labs, see the “Policy on Students and Non-affiliates Participating in Research in Penn Research Facilities”.


Requirements for Visitors to Penn Laboratories:

Visitors must be approved by the Principal Investigator

Visitors must be accompanied by a laboratory staff member

Visitors must sign in with Security Staff (in buildings with manned Security stations).

Visitors must wear proper laboratory attire:  Long pants, closed toed shoes, lab coats and eye protection.

Visitors must not be permitted to handle or be exposed to hazardous chemicals, biological agents, radioactive materials or animals.

Foreign National visitors/non-affiliates must not be given access to export controlled equipment or materials without appropriate eligibility screening. 


Requirements for visitors to Penn vivaria are detailed in the IACUC facility “Visitation Policy”

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