Frequently Asked Questions about Chemical Waste Management:

How do I get my chemical waste picked up?  Chemical waste pickup requests should be made online using the chemical waste pickup request form.

Does EHRS provide chemical waste containers?  EHRS provides 5-gallon carboys, 1-gallon and 1-Liter HDPE bottles for collecting chemical waste.  These containers and other waste supplies can be requested using our online form.

What do I do with empty chemical containers?  All empty chemical containers must be “triple rinsed” before disposal.*

*Empty containers that held acutely toxic hazardous wastes (P-list) must be managed as hazardous waste and given to EHRS for disposal.  DO NOT TRIPLE RINSE. 

Empty containers of highly odoriferous materials like thiols or mercaptans must also be given to EHRS for disposal to avoid creating odor issues in the lab or hallways.  Empty containers of odoriferous materials should be placed into a bag and stored inside a fume hood until EHRS collects them for disposal. 

What do I do with chemically contaminated pipettes/tips?  Pipettes and tips that are contaminated with hazardous chemicals can be given to EHRS for disposal.  Additional information about the disposal of contaminated items can be found on our website.

How do I schedule a Laboratory Clearance?  The procedures for having your lab cleared by EHRS can be found on our website

How do I get additional chemical waste labels?  Additional chemical waste labels can be ordered and other waste supplies can be requested using our online form.

How do I dispose of unknown chemicals?  Unknown waste materials must be managed as hazardous waste until testing is performed by EHRS staff.  Containers of unknown materials must be labeled with a yellow chemical waste label.  Please provide any available information about what the material could potentially be.

What chemicals can I pour down the drain?
Hazardous chemicals must never be poured down the drain as a method of disposal. Contact Jim Crumley of EHRS if you have specific questions about drain disposal.

How do I get a chemical waste satellite accumulation area poster?  These posters can be printed from our website or they can be ordered from our office at 215-898-4454

What should I do in the event of a chemical spill?  The procedures for handling chemical spills can be found on the EHRS website.

What do I do with broken glass?  All non-biological broken glass should be placed into a cardboard glassware box or bucket for disposal by housekeeping staff. Additional information can be found on our website.

Does EHRS exchange mercury thermometers?  EHRS will exchange mercury containing thermometers with non-mercury thermometers.  The Mercury Thermometer Exchange Form can be used to make the request.