Covid-19 update 3/24/2020!  EHRS staff are primarily working from home but we are available for emergencies.  Continue to use this request form for any routine pickup requests and if you have an urgent need for waste supplies or a waste pickup, please e-mail Jim Crumley or call 215-651-0017.

For chemical spills or other emergencies, please call 215-898-4453 (available 24/7).

To request a chemical waste pickup or to request chemical waste containers and supplies, please complete our online chemical waste request formThe form requires a valid PennKey and password.

Note: If you have partially filled carboys or other partial containers that you want to get picked up, please write a check mark on the top right side of the label.  This tells us that the container is ready to go.

label pic





If you have additional questions, contact EHRS during office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.  Call 215-898-4453 or send an email.