Log-in to CISPro Live

Usernames and passwords are provided by EHRS.  Contact cheminv@ehrs.upenn.edu if you have forgotten your credentials or are having trouble logging in.

Bookmark this page for easy access:  https://accounts.accelrys.com/

"Problem-Container Form" for New Materials

Don’t stress if you’re having trouble finding a material or package in the system. Simply submit a “Problem-Container Form” from, and we’ll import or create the material and package for you.  We'll email you to let you know when the record has been created.

Request More Chemical Inventory Barcode Labels

Barcode stickers for your chemical containers are provided by EHRS in rolls of 250 labels.  Request more barcode labels using the Warning Sign and Label Request Form.  The barcode requests are found at the bottom of the webform.

CISPro Live User Instruction Manual

To be sure you're viewing the most recent version of the manual, you must clear your browser history for the EHRS website. Instructions for various browsers can be found here.

Other Help Documents for CISPro Users

Frequently Asked Questions for CISPro Users

See this FAQ for answers to the most common questions asked by current CISPro users.

Finding a Chemical on Campus

The instructions above will allow you to search for a chemical and see a list of labs that have that chemical in their inventory.  The labs are listed by the name of the P.I.  You will need to contact the lab by phone, email, or in person to ask if they are willing to share.  Labs are not obligated to share their chemicals with other researchers.  Use the instructions below for updating the owner and location of a container when borrowing containers for an indefinite amount of time.  

Remember:  Proper chemical carriers and labels are required for transporting chemical containers between lab rooms and buildings.

Transfer Container to New Owner

Use these instructions when it is necessary to change both the owner and location of a container, such as when loaning a container to another lab for an indefinite amount of time.

Tips for Removing Empty Containers from Your Inventory

Empty containers can be scanned out of the inventory as "disposed" by individual lab members as described in the user manual; however, you may find the above method more convenient for keeping your records up to date.