Preparing Labs for Holiday Operations

During the holiday break there will be fewer people present in our buildings and response times may be longer.  Work with highly hazardous materials should be limited and should not be done alone.  Safely shut down and secure experiments as needed. 

Air Quality

Air Quality Alert

Due to the air quality event in Philadelphia, public health experts are advising the following actions today:

Green Labs

Join the Green Labs Executive Committee!

The numerous labs at Penn provide a prime opportunity to reduce our campus environmental impact in areas like energy, water, and waste through our Green Labs program. The Green Labs Executive Committee (GLEC) guides

Lab Closed

EHRS Guidance During Temporary Suspension of Lab Operations

Revised 3/17/2020 @ 11:27am

EHRS offers the following guidance to assist you with the temporary suspension of operations in your lab.  Please note that EHRS continues to provide essential services and can be reached at 215-898-4453 (24-hours a day).

Prov Res

Research Continuity Planning

The continuity of research through potential regional impact of an outbreak requires specific considerations. While we hope contingency measures will not be required, preparedness minimizes impact if they become necessary.