As operations resume, radioactive waste will be collected on Tuesdays. To receive a waste pickup, submit a request through RadSaf.
Please refer to the COVID-19 section of our website for additional health and safety information. 


The Radioactive Waste Program services the University, the Health System, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Wistar Institute, New Bolton Center, the Science Center, and Monell Chemical Senses Center.

To request a waste pickup:  Radioactive Waste Pickup Request (you will need the lab's user name and password) 

We will collect your waste on Tuesday if we receive your request on or before Monday. Instructions for completing the request form can be found here:  Radioactive Waste Pickup Instructions (pdf). Waste must be ready for pickup (bags sealed and waste tag attached) in the lab that is indicated on the waste request so that interaction between EHRS and lab staff is not needed.  If it is not ready, it won't be collected.  The waste bags will be removed from the pail and clean replacement bags will be left at the pickup location.

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Radioactive Waste Supplies

The Radioactive Waste Program makes the most common waste supplies available for pick-up at Anatomy-Chemistry 421 during the hours EHRS dispenses P-32. Offered supplies are:

  • 5-gallon plastic pails (marked with the isotope and a "Radioactive Waste" label)
  • 4-mil thick 5-gallon plastic bags (for dry waste and scintillation vials)
  • 1-quart polyethylene bottle (for most common liquids)
  • 1-gallon polyethylene bottle (for most common liquids)