Whenever possible, order your radioactive material directly from EHRS.  

All other orders must be approved by EHRS before the order is placed, including purchases from a radioactive material vendor, gifts, transfers from another internal Licensee, and transfers from another institution.

EHRS has upgraded to a new radiation user database, RadSaf, and the interface will be new to users.  Please refer to instructions (pdf) for obtaining an approval number or for ordering from EHRS' Radiation Distribution Lab. 


    Important: If you are ordering from an outside vendor, this process gives you approval to purchase, and will provide a requisition number (approval number), but does NOT actually place the order. That should be done through the normal ordering process for your lab. Refer to the User Guides for complete instructions on ordering.

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    General Information

    The Radiation Distribution Lab is a University service center operated by EHRS. We provide commonly used radioactive compounds to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and affiliated institutions operating under our PADEP license.  EHRS purchases P-32 and S-35 in bulk and distributes the material in smaller quantities to researchers.

    Benefits of ordering through the Radiation Distribution Lab include:

    • Discount prices
    • No shipping costs
    • Reduced regulatory requirements in regard to shipping -- No package wipe test
    • Pick up the same day that you order
    • Products from established radioactive material vendors
    • 24-hour ordering via EHRS website

    Click here for a glimpse into how your order is prepared

    Lab Hours
    • Open:
      • Monday - Thursday: 10:00 am -12:00 pm (noon). Please place orders by 9:00 am.
      • Friday: 1:30-3 pm. Please place orders by 12:00 pm (noon)
    • Closed: All University Holidays

    Order by 9 am to pick up on Monday-Thursday
    Order by noon to pick up on Friday

    Contact Us

    Location: 421 Anatomy/Chemistry Building 

    Supervisor: Jennifer Edmondson | 215-898-2107 | jgifford@upenn.edu

    Technical Support: Melanie McConnell | 215-341-1447 | mcmel@upenn.edu

    Product Information

    Order a lock box: 

    All stock material must be locked when in storage. The lock box must be secured to the refrigerator/cabinet. You may purchase a lock box from EHRS.


    All products are:

    • From Perkin Elmer.
    • Packaged in a shelf-shielded, Perkin Elmer NENSure TM vial for safety and convenience.
    • Shipped at ambient temperature and refrigerated upon receipt.
    P-32 Compoud Concentration
    Specific Activity
    Catalog Number
    a-dCTP 10 3000 BLU513H
    a-dATP 10 3000 BLU512H
    g-ATP 10 3000 BLU502A
    a-UTP 10 3000 BLU507H
    a-CTP 10 3000 BLU508H


    S-35 Compound Concentration
    Specific Activity
    Catalog Number
    Met/Cys Express Mix 11 1175 NEG772014MC
    Methionine 10.2 1175 NEG709A005MC
    a-UTP 12.5 1250 NEG739H001MC
    Account Information

    An account may be established for a Principle Investigator who has a Radioactive Materials License.

    To set up your account, please contact Eileen Normoyle at 215-898-2134 or normoyle@upenn.edu with the following information:

    • Username and password. (The username and password will be established during the initial phone call).
    • Billing contact name and phone number.
    • Account information (26 digit BENBUYS account number for University labs)

    Purchases are billed monthly.