Last Revised: June 07, 2024

Lower Back Stretches

Place your hands on your hips and bend back gently.

Shoulders and Upper Back Stretches

Place your hands behind your head and gently move your shoulder blades together and apart. Do not push on your head.

Stretch your arms out and down.

Reach overhead with your arms as far as you can and bend gently from side to side.

Keeping your arms at your side, slowly roll your shoulders upward and backward.

Neck Stretches

Lean your head gently toward your shoulder.

Arms & Wrists Streches

With your arm stretched out in front of you, gently stretch the fingers towards you.

Place your palms together in front of your chest. Keeping them together, slowly lower your hands.

Make a fist with each hand and open it, spreading your fingers as far as you can.


Close your eyes for a few seconds then move your eyes in all directions.