Last Revised: December 18, 2018

The use of a laptop on a desk presents problems for users when setting up a safe and comfortable workstation. Proper adjustment of a workstation is extremely important in injury prevention. Placing a laptop directly on a desktop does not allow the monitor or keyboard to be adjusted to the height appropriate for the user. In addition, most laptop keyboards are small and cause awkward postures in the users' wrists and hands.

To aid in prevention of repetitive strain injuries :

  • Raise the laptop monitor to the proper viewing height. Refer to Workstation Accessories for commercially available laptop stands that will aid in proper position of the laptop monitor.
  • Use both a stand-alone keyboard and stand-alone pointing device while working in the office. This will alleviate awkward wrist and hand postures from smaller laptop keyboards and awkwardly placed track pads. Use a wrist rest with both keyboard and pointing device to alleviate wrist extension. Refer to Workstation Accessories to view commercially available wrist rests.

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