Last Revised: January 31, 2022

This form is to notify EHRS of an upcoming lab move or closure. 

This form may be submitted by anyone with information about an upcoming lab move or closure.  It should be submitted as soon as possible so that we can help lab occupants to responsibly shutdown operations and prepare to vacate. 

This notification will be distributed to the appropriate EHRS staff for follow-up.  The PI and Lab Safety Coordinator may be contacted directly by EHRS staff and may receive a notice regarding a BioRAFT self-inspection requirement to prepare the space for the upcoming move/closure.  Refer to these Lab Close-Out Procedures for tasks that are required before the lab is vacated.

This is not a lab clearance request.  If you wish to submit a lab clearance request have a space cleared prior to renovations or in preparation for a new occupant use this form: Lab Clearance Request Form

Reason for lab closure or move

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