Last Revised: January 03, 2024

During the holiday break there will be fewer people present in our buildings and response times may be longer.  Work with highly hazardous materials should be limited and should not be done alone.  Safely shut down and secure experiments as needed. 


  • Review your lab’s contact list, including off-campus phone numbers where people can be reached if needed, and make sure it is up to date.
  • Familiarize yourself with Penn EHRS emergency response information, available on our website here.  Program emergency contact information into your phone.



  • Secure all compressed gas cylinders. Ensure gas cylinders are shut off at the cylinder valve and remove regulators and place caps on cylinders that are not in use.
  • Turn off heat generating equipment (hot plates, ovens) and non-essential electrical devices.
  • Check that all refrigerator, freezer, and incubator doors are tightly closed.
  • Check gas valves and ensure they are fully turned off if not used for equipment (i.e. incubators).
  • Close the sash of your hood.



  • Remove all chemicals from your fume hood.
  • Remove all hazardous chemicals from the bench area. Store all flammables liquids in flammable-liquid storage cabinets and corrosives in acid cabinets.
  • Remove combustible materials and clutter from areas around continuously operating equipment such as vacuum pumps.



  • Ensure waste containers are capped and closed with waste tags attached.