Last Revised: February 20, 2018

Dangerous Goods Declaration form must accompany the shipment for all Infectious Substances, Category A, and most chemical shipments. Penn employees are encouraged to use CHEMTEL as the emergency contact on the Dangerous Goods Declaration.

All Dangerous Goods Declarations MUST be approved by EHRS prior to shipment.

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Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods

Some shipments of Dangerous Goods require the completion of a Shipper’s Declaration. This will be complete in eShip@Penn®.

EHRS must review and approve such shipments, including the Shipper’s Declaration, BEFORE the material is shipped.

    A 24 hr emergency contact number must be included on each Shipper’s Declaration. Penn contracts with CHEMTEL for this service.


    ChemTel is a 24-hour hazardous materials communication service.

    ChemTel provides emergency response information to emergency personnel when an incident occurs during shipment of hazardous materials and Dangerous Goods.

    This service can be used for shipments of chemical, biological, and radioactive materials and there is NO CHARGE for University staff that are using this service.  EHRS maintains the account and pays all fees associated with the account.

    ChemTel Emergency 24-hr telephone number:

    1-800-255-3924 (1+813-248-0585 international). Contract#: MIS5858352

    • This emergency phone number MUST be provided for any regulated shipments of Dangerous Goods that require the use of a Shipper’s Declaration.  This is required by USDOT and IATA regulations.
    • If you are using eShip@Penn® then the correct phone number and account number will be automatically printed on the Shipper’s Declaration.  If you are using a different shipping platform then the phone number and account number listed below must be entered manually.
    • Copies of the Waybill (shipping papers) and, if applicable, the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), can be forwarded to Chemtel using the email addresses listed below:

    To forward WAYBILL to ChemTel, use CHEMTEL email

    To forward SAFETY DATA SHEETS to ChemTel, use: SDS email

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