Last Revised: November 14, 2017

Licensees who wish to amend radionuclides, activity limits, rooms, or complete a license inactivation must complete this form. A Protocol Summary Form is also required if the license change is due to addition of an isotope or an increase in activity being used. Please see the User's Guide for additional information.

Licensee Information
If adding a radionuclide or changing activity limits:
Are you adding a radionuclide?
Are you changing current activity limits?
Will the requested increase in activity limits change the existing protocol?
Please address only the radionuclides to be added or changed.
Radionuclide Current Possession Limit (mCi) Current Annual Limit (mCi) Requested Possession Limit (mCi) Requested Annual Limit (mCi) Operations
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Manufacturer Model Serial Number Type/Model of Detector Operations
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If adding/deleting rooms:
Are you adding a room?
Are you deleting a room?

Please state the reason(s) for the room addition(s). e.g. Lab move, expansion, LSC, construction.

Please state the reason(s) for the room deletion(s). e.g. Lab move, room no longer used, or construction.

Building Room Operations
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Building Room Operations
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Please submit an updated layout of the lab space in which radioactive materials are used including the new area(s). Indicate hot work areas, hot sinks, fume hood, radioactive waste areas, and entrances.
One file only.
20 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, png, bmp, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, zip.
Please select what institution the room change request is for:

To obtain and updated door sign, Wistar Employees should contact Wistar directly via email ( or call at (215) 495-6905.
If you are inactivating the license:
Are you inactivating the license?
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