Issued 9/24/20

As of September 24, 2020, the Resumption of Research Training for Penn Labs is being superseded by Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission in Penn Research Labs-EHRS.  To self-assign this training, here is a direct link to Knowledge Link: Link


You can also use this title and code to assign the training in Knowledge Link:

Title: Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission In Penn Research Labs-EHRS


Training status

  • If you have taken Resumption of Research Training for Penn Labs, you will receive an email through Knowledge Link with a summary of updates that were added to the researcher training. You have the option to take the new training, but it will not be automatically assigned.  Departments and schools can determine if they want to assign the new training.
  • If you were assigned the previous training and had not taken it yet, you will be re-assigned the new training through Knowledge Link.
  • Anyone else will only have access to the new training linked above.


Below is a summary of updates from the original training:

  • There is evidence of pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19.  The virus can be spread up to 2 days before symptoms appear.  
  • PennOpen Pass is now required for entry into all Penn buildings.  PennOpen Pass is a symptom checker used to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • In lab you should only wear a Penn-approved face mask or a surgical mask.  This includes when at your desk or in a procedure room, even if alone.  
  • A poster of the correct way to wear a facemask is found here: How to Wear a Facemask Poster 
  • Activities that can be done remotely should continue remotely, including meetings.  If an in-person meeting is necessary, an exemption must be requested.  Research resumption plans must include room size, number or participants and time in the space for the meeting.  Approval by the departmental committee for your school is required. 
  • If close-proximity work is necessary, an approval is required from the department (dependent on School resumption plan).  See requirements in the SOP on the EHRS webpage: SOP for Close-Proximity Work.  
  • Penn buildings have COVID-19 related procedures and signage.  
  • An initial supply of COVID-19 surgical facemasks and disinfectant wipes can be requested from EHRS. Requests and reordering information is found here: COVID Supplies
  • Housekeeping is cleaning building high touch surfaces.