Last Revised: December 20, 2022

A hydrofluoric acid (HF) exposure response kit is required in any area where HF solutions are stored or used.  EHRS recommends Fisher Scientific’s custom kit, which is available for purchase only through this order form. 

**A Fisher Scientific username is required for your order.  If you do not already have a FisherSci account, contact the Penn ThermoFisher rep ( ) to set-up your user profile.***

For more information about the hazards of HF and the requirements for working with it see the HF Safety Fact Sheet in Penn’s Chemical Hygiene Plan. 

This form may also be used to re-order calcium gluconate gel if the tube in your kit has expired.

Kit includes:

  • Labeled plastic case
  • Chemical-resistant single use gloves (2 pairs, size XL)
  • Paper gown
  • Tube of calcium gluconate gel
  • Penn-specific emergency response instructions

For HF exposure-kit ordering information, contact Gwenn Allen (

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HF Exposure Kit (includes 1 tube of Calcium Gluconate Gel): $108 each
Replacement Calcium Gluconate Gel Only: $85.40 each