Last Revised: January 18, 2022

Issued 5/28/2020,

Updated 6/4/2020, 6/24/2021

Labs returning to on-campus research in Phase 1 of the Resumption of Research plan will receive an initial supply of COVID-19 transmission prevention supplies, including disinfectant products and surgical-style masks.  How these initial supplies will be distributed will vary depending on your school or building.

When your initial stock of transmission-prevention supplies is depleted, your lab will be responsible for ordering more materials using the instructions below.  Please note that this process may be updated periodically, so please check this webpage for the most up-to-date instructions.

All labs are expected to source sufficient masks and disinfectant for their work. 

As research operations return to campus, all lab groups should be aware of the process and general escalation steps that should be followed to acquire supplies. 

Localized Buying through Preferred Suppliers

Leveraging Penn’s distributed/decentralized purchasing structure, individual programs, departments, divisions, Schools, and Centers should continue to purchase directly for their organizations in accordance with the standards that have been developed by EHRS and Purchasing Services. Purchases should be made directly through the Penn Marketplace  with the preferred suppliers that have been identified on the sourcing guidance grid.

Special Spot-Sourcing

For items that are difficult to source, additional suppliers within the Penn Marketplace may also be considered as long as the items are purchased in accordance with EHRS guidance and specifications outlined in the sourcing guidance grid.

Emergency Inventory

Recognizing that certain items remain in high demand and low supply, a central emergency inventory of the following items will be maintained to support University operations. 

  • Surgical masks
  • Antibacterial alcohol wipes
  • Face shields (pending availability)
  • No longer available: hand sanitizer; all previously offered supplies associated with disinfection (buckets, reloads, etc.) 

Use the Resumption of Research Emergency Supplies Form to request these items from EHRS.