Last Revised: June 07, 2022

Knowledge Link is the learning management system used by the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania Health System.   Training registration for instructor-led courses and web based training is accessible through Knowledge Link.  Additionally, Knowledge Link stores training records and provides training requirements for Penn faculty and staff through its integration with Penn Profiler

Penn Profiler is the University's web-based compliance training needs assessment survey.   The survey must be completed annually by all Penn employees and any time your job changes.  Once completed, required training identified by Penn Profiler can be accessed in Knowledge Link.

Link to Knowledge Link

Link to Penn Profiler

Link to Penn Profiler Instructions for Laboratory Staff

How can supervisors check training records?

The easiest method to verify training completed by students and staff is to have them print their training records and provide you with a copy.

Supervisors can access their supervisees training record in the Knowledge Link learning management system via the 'My Team' tab.  Knowledge Link offers a tutorial for Supervisors:


Radiation users can check training compliance by logging into RadSaf using the log in credentials for their licensed group or department.

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