Please note that shipping Dangerous Goods or other lab material to China has become very restricted.



NO Dry Ice shipments are allowed to be shipped anywhere in China by DHL Express, with or without a hazmat enabled account number.



UPS will not ship any Dangerous Goods to China, including Dry Ice



FedEx will ship packages on Dry Ice to China, but only to Shanghai.


Optional “white glove” shipping solutions: (These carriers would be contracted directly by your business office, and paid via Pcard or PO)


- Customs Broker:

The University’s approved Customs Brokers/Freight forwarders Priority World Wide or Geodis may be able assist:


- World Courier:

Tel: 1 800 221-6600



Dry Shipper:

Dry Shippers are an alternative to using Dry Ice, when you need a stable cold environment to ship your sample in. Dry Shippers can be rented directly from FedEx and shipped as a non-hazardous cooling option. Regulated biological hazards may still not be allowed entry into China. Check with your Chinese collaborator for details.