Dispense liquid anesthetic gases in a fume hoods or ducted biosafety cabinets

Liquid anesthetics must be scavenged using a fume hood, ducted biosafety cabinet, charcoal scavenging filter or an active scavenging device.


Single use nitrile or latex gloves should be worn when handling anesthetic agents.

Protective apparel

Lab coats, closed toed shoes and long sleeved clothing and safety glasses should be worn when handling anesthetic agents. Additional protective clothing should be worn if the possibility of skin contact is likely.

Signs and labels

All anesthetic agents must be clearly labeled with the correct chemical name. Handwritten labels are acceptable; chemical formulas and structural formulas are not acceptable.

Waste disposal

Anesthetic agents are hazardous wastes. Questions regarding waste disposal should be directed to the Office of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety.