After a period of suspended lab operations, this form must be submitted by the PI or Lab Safety Coordinator before the group resumes lab activities. 

This form should only be submitted once for each lab group.  It is not required for labs that are increasing their occupancy for the Fall Semester Phase, only those that are restarting.

Before submitting this form, please confirm you have approval from your department to reoccupy the lab and review the Research Resumption Checklist to prepare for a safe restart.

When we receive your submission, we will update your lab's "emergency shutdown status" in BioRAFT.  We will also request that the floor of your building receives enhanced housekeeping service.

Use the lab's name as it appears in BioRAFT.  This is often the PI's name (e.g. Brown Lab) or the name of the core/facility.
If exact date is unknown, choose the first day of the week when you expect to begin lab work.  
Please list lab locations where work will be resuming.
We need to know the building and floor(s) of the building in order to coordinate enhanced cleaning and to update emergency services of active lab spaces.  Do not include any locations that will remain shutdown.  You should submit a new form when other locations resume active research.
Building Name Floor(s) Operations
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Please briefly describe the nature of your COVID-19 research.
Pre-Occupancy Lab Checklist
  • I have confirmed fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, and other key safety equipment are operating normally, have current certification (if applicable), and alarms are not activated. 
  • I have confirmed adequate waste-collection supplies are available for near-term research needs.  This also includes bleach and ethanol supplies for inactivating biological waste prior to disposal. 
  • I have confirmed adequate personal protective equipment is available for near-term research needs.
  • I have confirmed there is an adequate supply of soap and paper towels for hand washing and that disinfectant will be available for cleaning shared equipment and work areas.
  • I have ensured safety showers are not obstructed, and eyewashes are functioning properly. 
  • I have checked for leaks or unusual physical conditions in the lab that need to be addressed. 
  • I have assessed what support services and deliveries (such as compressed gases, reagents, dry ice) we may require when our research is restarted and determined whether those services are operational and will be available when we need them. 
  • I have investigated how other facilities such as cores, sample/specimen providers, and collaborators will be managing their services and maintaining physical distancing requirements so we can prepare for any access requirements or delays. 
  • I understand we may anticipate delays in reaching our lab in high-rise buildings and that physical distancing must be maintained in elevators. 
See Research Resumption Checklist for complete EHRS guidance on resuming your lab research activities.