6/15/2021 University policy will change with updated guidance.  Please go to the Penn Coronavirus page for the latest information: Penn Coronavirus

Updated Penn Mask and Distancing Requirements

As of Friday, June 11, 2021, in accordance with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s updated guidance, if you are fully vaccinated, in most situations on the University campus you do not have to wear a mask indoors or outdoors. However, we must continue to be vigilant for the members of our community who are unvaccinated and are at risk.

When are you required to continue wearing a mask?  If you are:

  1. Not fully vaccinated, the University is requiring you to wear a mask inside University buildings until further notice.
  2. A student in quarantine or isolation living with other people, also known as congregate settings. You are required to wear a mask indoors your residence.
  3. With children under the age of 12, such as a school, camp, or childcare setting.
  4. Inside healthcare settings, including all Penn Medicine facilities.
  5. Using public transportation, including Penn Transit.

Public health guidance on campus continues to evolve. Visit coronavirus.upenn.edu/content/public-health-guidance for current information.


The City of Philadelphia will lift physical distancing restrictions  June 2, 2021. Accordingly, classrooms, labs, and other University spaces will be used at 100 percent capacity.  Mask use is still required for all building occupants while indoors.

Penn no longer requires the use of masks while outdoors for those who are fully vaccinated. Being fully vaccinated means that it has been two weeks since the final dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
Minors and those participating in summer camps are still required to wear masks while on campus, regardless of vaccination status.

COVID safety protocols are changing.  Note that many policies have been rescinded or updated. Please check back for updates.  


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  • Training Rescinded 6/02/21

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Guidance for specific activities

  • Security and Delivery Revised 4/2/20 Rescinded 6/17/21
  • Recommendations for Law Enforcement Rescinded 6/17/21
  • FRES, Housekeeping NBC and Morris Arboretum Rescinded 6/17/21
  • Construction and Renovation Revised 12/03/20 Rescinded 6/17/21

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